The VIS//ON App was created to close the information circle from the planning over installation up to the operation also from on site (building site, damage place etc.).

The premise was: It should be easy to operate. Create a photo, assign it to a plan or automatically georeference it, type in a supplementary text or record it. Done. All further functions (workflow, prioritisation, escalation, assignment to elements) are mapped on the
VIS//ON server.


Multi-Project Management
Controlling, deadline and progress monitoring of various projects, which can be easily entered from the construction site and centrally coordinated.

Fault and Weak Point Analysis
A city/community uses the app with all employees of the building yard, caretakers and external companies. 
The goal: no mistake, no matter how small, should be ignored or forgotten. 

Quality Optimization
Public transport companies use the app to maintain a permanent improvement process with regard to quality, costs, punctuality and cleanliness.