baseline situation 
Buildings are not only concrete shells, but also high-tech facilities that have to be administered and managed accordingly, both now and in the future. According to Gardner, unbelievable savings potentials of up to 40% can be achieved through efficient management.  New technologies will therefore include Facility 4.0.  Sensor technology which, for example, records the wear of the escalator as well as the condition of the fire alarm system.  The same large-scale study, which looked at banks, industry, public utilities, trade and real estate, came to the conclusion that 30% of a craftsman's activities involve pure research in outdated or non-existent documentation. 


Requirements for the management team

  • cost optimization in management
  • minimization of downtimes and malfunctions
  • fast conversion and reconfiguration times
  • modular use
  • accounting
  • minimization of repair costs and external company assignments
  • homogenization of processes and procedures
  • maintain and maintain a consistent dataset
  • Green Building: Energy and emission optimisation
  • benchmarking
  • compliance with legal regulations and framework conditions
  • connection and interconnection of systems
  • control of the building stock and technology, as well as the support organization from a control center

The VIS//ON World FM Edition
VIS//ON FM is a solution that originates in the management of technical or building installations. Therefore, we also focus on technology, connection, maintenance, asset management and operational repair. Of course we also store the plans, areas can be defined and managed as "zones". Multi-user and multi-client capability distinguish us. We interconnect the most diverse plants and thus receive a comprehensive information, documentation and management system.

In addition, with VIS//ON you can carry out evaluations or analyses of static or dynamic data, recognize malfunctions and their dependencies, and centralize and digitize all operation-relevant data of branch offices or branches. Communication with mobile devices and preparation for technology 4.0 are included in the system.

There are customers for VIS//ON in every order of magnitude, both on their own server and as SAAS.
Public utilities, commercial and branch companies, banks and insurance companies, educational institutions, public administrations, cities, municipalities, communes, counties with their remote stations (water tanks, sewage plants, landfills etc.) and energy suppliers.

Profitability Potentials
The economic potential is enormous: savings of > 40% in operation by knowing what is where and in what condition. Reduction of search and research work, knowledge at the push of a button, reduction of subcontractor use, integration of all stakeholders into the information flow. As a result, the efficiency potential of operating different buildings and technologies in different locations increases many times over.
Further keywords are: Proactive maintenance, BIM, connection, workflow, drawing on experience from other cases (knowledge management) Project communication via mobile devices.

Extracts from VIS//ON


  • modularly adaptable to demand and company size
  • rapid implementation
  • communication, also with mobile systems
  • import functionality
  • benchmarking
  • energy optimization
  • coupling with GIS/ CAD and other enterprise systems such as ERP or CRM
  • connection of any control technology
  • process orientation
  • expandable at any time
  • can also be used as a SaaS solution for smaller customers
  • several million properties with customers 
  • several thousand locations
  • multilingual
  • supports all phases, from planning to installation and operation
  • integration of mobile devices