GiP ENGINEERING AG has been on the market for years with the VIS//ON software, one of the leading applications in the field of networks, FM 2.0, technical systems, data centers and carriers. With VIS//ON, our highly modular software, we support the entire process of planning, installation and operation of complex networked systems and assets. In addition, we use our experience to support customers in optimizing processes and system availability. Nationally and internationally.


Software, Products and Industries

Do not invest in software, but in the profitability and sustainability of your company. The world is changing. Technologies 4.0 and dynamic structures cannot be managed with tables. "It needs a CENTRAL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY DATABASE".

VIS//ON is available in several preconfigured industry solutions

Carrier Edition
Carrier Networks
- plan, implement, operate
- optimizing economic efficiency
- mapping processes
- FFTX, fixed network, radio  network   
Carrier Edition

LAN Edition
- corporate communications
- planning and documentation
- managing
- troubleshooting
- MAC Management 

LAN Edition

Datacenter Edition
Datacenters are the heart, brain and central nervous system of our age. Uptime is also of central importance. VIS//ON is the tool for implementation.

Datacenter Edition

Industry Edition
Industry, manufacturing and production are subject to the highest economic and legal requirements. The operation of the plants requires modern management systems, such as VIS//ON.
Industry Edition   

Facility Edition
Buildings can become completely manageable objects - Facility 4.0. We offer the tools and modules for effective management. Above all, technical facilities and mobile communication require tomorrow's solutions today.
Facility Edition

Public Utilities
Public utilities operate many buildings, as well as other technical facilities and networks, such as water, gas, electrical engineering, telecommunications, etc. 

Public Utilities Edition


Our clients
Public utilities, network operators, infrastructure providers, data centres, technology operators, industry, finance, healthcare.
All those who don't want to miss the boat and have high demands on availability and cost-effectiveness. The process of planning, rollout, operation, reconfiguration. Support based on the division of labour and networked systems require networked thinking and, above all, data consistency in one's own and legal interests. All parties involved must be intelligently integrated and able to access information exactly from their area of responsibility.

Services, Consulting and Know-How
Every day we talk to national and international customers from the telecommunications, energy and technology sectors about productivity, processes, profitability, MTBF, transformation of administration into the digital future and supply chain in the technical sector. We pass on this experience and help with the implementation.

System-related Services

We adapt the system to your requirements and implement individual couplings, functions, processes, integrations, workflows and content. 

We advise you on the implementation methodology, economic steps, milestones, data analysis and implementation. We work with you to design a roadmap for future development.

We work flexibly and adapted to the goal of an economical business management with the implementation of the solution according to project needs, e.g. with customizing, data acquisition, import and much more.

VIS//ON is for all company sizes and can of course also be operated as SAAS.

VIS//ON is highly customizable. Very special developments and requirements of your company can be individually implemented and adapted.

Collaboration "in the team" within your team in various areas is normal in large-scale projects. We bring our experience from many projects, meetings and POCs with us.

To be successful and sustainable in today's business world, you need to be able to focus on your core business.

Distractions and side issues slow down your business processes and can be reasons for reduced competitiveness. Information must be available anytime and anywhere.

Our professional tools, services and experience will help you to focus fully on your core business.

Info, queries, remote demonstrations, POCs
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