Product suite VIS//ON
VIS//ON is a modular solution for almost all fields of technology management. One of the focal points are networked systems with all their complexity (carriers, corporate networks, municipal utilities, data centers). This affects all disciplines, including FM and asset management. Since all networks have a connection to buildings, as well as their facilities and locations. 

Locations, buildings and subsets of buildings, technical installations, connection of these installations, physical and logical networks, routing and optimization; fault analysis, process optimization, installation support with mobile communication are just as much a part as the area of operation with maintenance, preventive maintenance and dependency analysis.

With VIS//ON there is no more blind flying, no more unnecessary technician assignments, you know at the push of a button "what is where" and "how is everything connected". This is the information required for safe operation.

Economic Efficiency
A company's greatest potential for profitability lies in the area of technical plant management and networks. All other processes, such as commercial processing, are largely automated and combined in one system. Otherwise it would not be possible. Why has this not yet been implemented in the technical area? Architects think in the outdated HOAI, external companies do not want to give out information in order to generate dependencies, etc.