Our Solution: VIS//ON LAN Edition

VIS//ON is also suitable for companies and their internal cable- and network structure. We are in the digital age, but often documentation methods in the form of paper, plans, lists and much more are still used. These documents have one thing in common: they are never up-to-date. Therefore, these companies do not meet the legal requirements. Networks and cabling are an elementary component of company information, but the network of cables, routes, distributors, active and passive systems and connectivity cannot be managed manually. Especially not if your company consists of several buildings or even several locations. A central data source as a dynamic information pool is essential for the rapid response required by support. 

Data and Effects
In VIS//ON all information and data, links, assets, configurations are mapped in one system. Changes can be made by drag & drop. It is possible to map business processes as desired, to integrate subcontractors through a workflow system and to activate the active system technology. Data is entered or imported once and graphic, schematic or alphanumeric, always current data is generated from it.

VIS//ON Asset Management

  • Computers, servers, applications
  • Racks, distributors, distribution rooms
  • Configurations, Changes and Releases
  • Maintenance, service, repair
  • Computer rooms and their technology
  • Access, air conditioning, power supply
  • Asset, Cable and Connectivity Management


  • planning, documentation, calculation and operation with one database
  • object libraries available
  • all IT assets are mapped as objects in the system.
  • modularly adaptable, depending on requirements and company size
  • rapid implementation
  • communication with mobile systems
  • import functionality
  • process support
  • connectable with GIS/CAD and other enterprise systems
  • support in planning and fault handling by a comfortable app (VIS//ON Installer)
  • expandable at any time
  • can also be used as a SaaS solution for smaller customers
  • several million properties with customers
  • several thousand locations
  • multilingual
  • supports all phases, from planning to installation and operation
  • integration of mobile devices
  • multi-user capable
  • compatible with common norms and standards