The Requirement
The carriers are structured differently. VIS//ON is used by different carriers with different requirements. Some customers plan, build and operate cable infrastructure with the software, others offer the content or use existing infrastructures on which they generate services. A connection from all possibilities can also be used. 

They all have this in common:

  • the networked systems are extremely complex
  • all information that arises during planning and construction is relevant to the operation
  • technology, processes and interaction with everyone involved in the process, from installer to customer
  • high availability requirements, extremely short Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • planning and documentation, mixed with online information from the systems
  • interaction with other systems like ERP or NWM/ GLT/ GIS

Our Solution: VIS//ON Carrier Edition

VIS//ON Planning & Operation Support Systems for telecommunications

The VIS//ON OSS solution for telecommunications companies combines all disciplines for efficient planning, operation and management of telecommunications systems on a central platform. All modules can be combined modularly. VIS//ON accompanies the entire process from planning, installation, operation and reconfiguration, from the locations (data centres/distribution centres), technical installations, cable connections, logical network structures and services to the customers.
Our software also covers administrative activities such as accounting, trouble ticketing and system/network management.
The leading solution VIS//ON is modular and customizable for all these areas.

Who is this solution suitable for?

  • telecommunications companies
  • FTTx companies of any size (cities, municipalities, communes, counties, service providers, planners) 
  • carriers
  • municipal utilities
  • radio operator
  • fibre infrastructure manager
  • service providers and providers
  • colocation provider
  • POP provider


Data are the raw materials of the information age. If a technology is operated that transports data and is highly complicated (meshed, networked, fail-safe) and has customers with high availability requirements, it needs a system that provides the answer to all these requirements and questions.

  • How do I get my signal from A to B?
  • Fault in road X: What is the cause? On which fiber? How can I switch a substitute path? Which customers or services are affected? What service levels do the customers have? Which devices are affected?

We support networks in cities, municipalities and in Europe-wide structures.

Modular and customized version for the following topics

Extracts from VIS//ON


  • modularly adaptable to demand and company size
  • high customizing capability and import functionality
  • coupling with GIS/ CAD and other enterprise systems
  • can also be used as a SaaS solution for smaller customers
  • supports all phases from planning to installation to operation
  • several million objects and thousands of locations
  • quick introduction and expandable at any time
  • integration of mobile devices
  • communication also with mobile systems
  • multilingual 

More than 500 municipalities, planners and operators use VIS//ON and are mapped in VIS//ON. The tasks range from planning and operation to management, accounting and billing: 


Some examples are auto import of building transfer points, planning of KVZ areas, overplanning, civil engineering planning with surface calculation, cable/fiber/splice planning, work instructions, material lists, project calculation, house connection points, pipe technology, CPE`s, sleeves, KVZ`s and POP`s. Network level 4 can be represented schematically or on building plan level.


On site, the installer uses plans or digital documents and communicates with the project management via the VIS//ON App (photo documentation, location, text information, georeferencing).


Connection of equipment and services, management, detection of faults, calibration and visualization of the fault, detection of dependencies, management of customers, workflow and process management, maintenance and service, trouble ticketing with reference to technology, detection of dependent faults

VIS//ON Operation Support System

Planning and operation of:

  • Broadband backbone networks in various countries (here: planning, installation support, project management, operation)
  • Planning and operation of radio networks (UMTS, LTE, directional radio)
  • Planning and operation of Tetra networks for mobile use by public authorities
  • Planning, documentation, system coupling with NWM, processes
  • Compatible with the requirements of the federal broadband office