Integration - Consulting - Development

First of all: the VIS//ON product suite is highly modular and easy to operate in the individual modules. By combining all modules and functions, VIS//ON becomes a highly integrated corporate solution for the entire technical area with all processes and connections.

Our Experience
We have years of experience in implementing technology management systems. Our focus is on FTTX, telecommunications, corporate networks, public utilities, IoT, connectivity, data centers and building information systems.

We cover other areas with competent, trained partners with the aim of increasing profitability. 

We offer our services on different levels

VIS//ON can be individually adapted to your company requirements. We record your requirements and discuss them with you. You can adapt VIS//ON yourself (all editors are included) or we can do this for you. All variants are possible. 
Goal: To be productive, quickly and economically.

In the case of individual changes, interfaces or applications that cannot be achieved by customizing, our specialists develop applications taking into account modern development languages and platforms. Networked technologies, dependencies, interfaces to the rest of the companyIT, IoT: these are all topics that need to be considered.

Data Acquisition
Once a project has been set up, the aim is to record the data according to an optimal procedure. Import, where import is possible, manually where there is no other way. Our employees understand the theory and practice of networks and designation structures and are able to implement the system and enter the data. In the case of mass actions, a team of project assistants must also be led so that a database is quickly available in order to exploit the desired economic potential.

Management Consulting
The holistic introduction of such a system often also means the adaptation of processes, procedures and structures. The acceptance of the employees is another important criterion. We develop the project holistically as a C-level solution. Another functional feature of VIS//ON is that the system can be implemented in its individual modules without any major process optimization.

Cooperation "In Team"
Often at the beginning of a project the final goal is not yet fixed or the personnel resources of your company are limited. Our specialists work with you as part of your team and can react immediately to requirements and implement them.

Systems, networks and technical facilities produce the added value of your company. Optimizing availability, fault tolerance and sustainability is a decisive economic factor. No company makes a living from searching for information and suspecting connections in many places. There can only be one system that is the consistent owner of the data and makes it available reliably and quickly to the various parties involved.

Every day we talk to operators of complex technical structures, facilities and distributed intelligence about economic management. It goes without saying that we pass on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years about Operation Efficiency. Best practice approaches or individual solutions must be carefully weighed up. New technologies, economic approaches, supply chains in the technical field, BIM, IOT intelligently networked are our topics. 

Our clients

  • carriers
  • data center 
  • Industry
  • trade
  • administration 
  • municipal utilities 
  • supplier