VIS//ON for Datacenter
Data centers, the brains of our modern world, have the highest demands on flexibility and security. Disruptions in these areas, including in the supply infrastructure, have significant consequences and effects. In the best case only commercially, in the worst case the traffic, the health care, the water supply etc., collapses.

VIS//ON is the modular system suitable for all sizes to plan and operate these structures and processes. Also in the mobile dialogue with the service on site. Changes, cabling, configuration, release statuses and supply peripherals such as access, power supply and air conditioning are also available. Data centers are of course also server rooms, racks or POP locations for carriers. The same requirements apply to these.

  • all information and connections in one central information system
  • information available anytime, anywhere
  • compatible with current standards and guidelines
  • process orientation
  • connection of any system via standard protocols
  • process communication with mobile devices
  • not only IT equipment but also infrastructure such as: Computer room, UPS, power supply, security, climate

Target Clients
Carriers, data center operators, industry, administration and finance.
Everyone who needs secure structures for their information technology. Modular and for companies of all sizes.

Extracts from VIS//ON

Data centers of various sizes and configurations, from Europe-wide providers to a company's local data center.


Datacenter, Rackcenter, POP`s

More than 300 larger data centers and locations are planned, documented, managed and administered with VIS//ON


  • e.g. auto import or manual input of the complete racks, also in 3D 
  • planning and configuration, creation of material lists, labels and work instructions
  • planning of rooms, cabling, routes, cable lengths, power supply, energy systems, security
  • documentation on a central platform, always up-to-date and in a uniform, cross-technology system


  • On-site: plans or digital documents and project management communication via VIS//ON App (photo documentation, location, text information, georeferencing)
  • project status tracking
  • planning and installation of the entire communication and line technology


Connection of systems and services, management, detection of faults, calibration and visualization of the fault, detection of dependencies, weak point analysis, space management, energy optimization, benchmarking, GreenIT, customer management, workflow and process management, maintenance and service, trouble ticketing with reference to the technology, detection of dependent faults

The two largest data centres in Europe were planned/operated in VIS//ON.


  • hosted or as SAAS
  • planning, installation and operation on one system
  • process-oriented
  • online capable
  • 3-tier architecture
  • integration of mobile equipment
  • client- and multi-user capable
  • highly customizable
  • object libraries that can be generated at will
  • importable object libraries